CoinDragon have burst onto the scene with their entertaining array of propriety games. Living up their entertaining nature, CoinDragon has also recently unveiled a series of promotions to keep their players enthralled.

CoinDragon X-Factor Challenge
Win daily prizes for posting a picture of your winning bet with a 25x multiplier on the X-Factor game. Daily prizes are 50 SAT BTC instantly paid into your account. After two weeks, all the highest multipliers are tallied up and the jackpot is split among the top 5 – with no. 1 winning 2 BTC!

CoinDragon Daily Challenges
CoinDragon will also be unleashing daily challenges on their Twitter and Telegram channels, with ques for players to send screenshots of the daily task and win.

A unique gaming platform that is robust, easy to use, exceptionally light on data, and let’s face it, FUN. Hurry up and check it out 🙂

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